Home Staging. Seven HUGE Turnoffs for Buyers.

The Home Staging Basics Home sellers in hot real-estate markets may not feel compelled to utilize home staging strategies, and to be honest, they may not need to, but they still should do the minimum: eliminate the common issues that send ALL prospective buyers running for the doors. While your home is on the market you must live differently. The […] Read more »

Does Home Staging Make a Difference?

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Home Staging may not always influence price, but, home staging does influence the buying process and a buyer’s overall opinion on a home. A recent national study, scheduled to appear in the Journal of Real Estate Research later this year, was done over a period of several months. The creators of the study created six unique versions of […] Read more »

Inexpensive Home Staging Ideas

Home staging on a budget It can be tough to move a home that does not show well off the market even when real estate in Louisville is still showing signs of strength.   A lot more, exhausted home owners must slash the selling price just to entice buyers to sign on the dotted line. For […] Read more »

Top Ten Seller Mistakes

Seller Mistakes, The Big Ones. It is no longer a buyer’s market in real estate. With home prices increasing at double-digit  rates, sellers now have the edge in many locations. In metro areas like Atlanta, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, and Tampa, typical home prices rose more […] Read more »

Home Staging a Basement?

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Home Staging Unfinished Basement Displaying the Potential An unfinished basement is similar to a blank canvas albeit an unclean grey blank canvas. Unfinished basements can really hurt your ability to sell your home if they are ignored. Home staging the basement is not difficult but it does require some attention and effeort.  Many times an […] Read more »