How To Sell Your Home

How to Sell Your Home. There are many answers to to the question “how do I sell my home fast”? Pricing, curb appeal, staging are all excellent ideas.  But what about putting money into your home.  As a homeowner, you see all the little imperfections that you THINK will keep your house from selling. If […] Read more »

Windows and Window Treatments

If You Dont think Windows and Window Coverings Can Sell a House, Read This!!! Given that each and every window treatment has its own benefits and drawbacks, it really is crucial to answer the following questions first prior to buying anything. Window treatments are critical to creating a showing. Why, because a property or real […] Read more »

Home Staging Pictures

Be Creative with your Art In case your house is similar to pretty much every other house I show, the art is hung in a high straight line surrounding every room. This is a very large, but very fixable mistake in home staging. Putting your pictures, paintings and prints in these unoriginal and predictable spots can make […] Read more »

Home Staging Basics

Home Staging If money and time is tight, home staging is a great way to sell your house without spending a fortune doing home remodeling.  Staging rooms to show off their true possibilities is crucial when selling your Bullitt County home. Here are some more very basic ideas (I have a million of them about […] Read more »

Kitchen Remodeling

Selling your house in Oldham County? You have a lot of competition, especially Oldham County homes that are less than ten years old. Do not overlook the small details that give a home in Prospect or a home in Goshen a dated feel.  That feeling will not carry over into a sale because the feeling […] Read more »