Why Renting is so Expensive

Renting is Expensive.  Why? Renting has turned out to be considerably less affordable in recent years, a report released Monday. Actually, 50% of U.S. renters spent more than 30% of their gross earnings on rent (the conventional measure of affordability) in 2010, up a record 12 percentage points from the 38% of households facing such […] Read more »

Utilities Cost

The Cost of Utilities in Your New Home The cost of heating your new home. You never figured that into your property search, did you?? Most homes are heated with gas today. Other types of heat will most likely cost much more than gas, so it’s important that you absolutely take those expenses into consideration […] Read more »

Bulitt County Home Costs

More on Bullitt County Home Costs What will my mortgage payment cover? Answer: Most loans on Bullitt County homes have four parts: principal: the repayment of the quantity you actually borrowed; interest: payment towards the lender for the money you have borrowed; homeowners insurance: a month-to-month fee to insure the home against loss from fire, […] Read more »

Kentucky Home Sales – Inventory

Kentucky Home Sales Inventory The sharp increase in demand for housing has led to an equally powerful decline in the inventory of houses for sale. Tight supplies have led to home price appreciation and pockets of new construction. Moreover, with roughly 11 million property owners underwater and builders nonetheless hesitant to build, supplies are most […] Read more »