5 Mistakes Made By Most Real Estate Buyers

Deciding to buy a home is one of the biggest financial decisions most people make. But there are also many common mistakes made by first-time home-buyers. 1. Lack Of Research Before most individuals buy a car they compare different models, ask a lot of questions and try to determine whether what they are about to purchase […] Read more »

Home Selling Worries

Worried about Selling your home? Think Home Staging! Everybody has that moment when the entire process of selling and relocating seems overwhelming and just not worth the hassle. Everybody who has gone through the selling process lies awake at night creating scenarios in their head that never play out! Realtors in every state have to […] Read more »

Saving Money on Title Insurance

Title insurance. Home buyers don’t usually consider the costs of title insurance until they see the cost of it on their HUD One statement.  Title insurance is a large portion of closing costs. Realtors usually have to explain to buyers what title insurance covers prior to them receiving their closing costs. Basically that premium is the cost of […] Read more »

Home Buyer’s Remorse

Realtors in all areas can tell stories about first time home buyers enduring home buyer’s remorse following the closing on their first house. This occurs simply because purchasing a house represents a significant shift in a person’s life as well as their family members. It will also have and it is also a really massive […] Read more »