National Real Estate Statistics – December 2013

Statistics that affect Real Estate in Louisville Existing-home sales fell in November, even though median prices of real estate still consistently show powerful year-over-year growth, based on the National Association of Realtors®. Total existing-home sales, which are defined as completed transactions consist of single-family houses, town homes, condominiums and co-ops, fell 4.3 % to a […] Read more »

Latest Louisville Real Estate Statistics – Jobs

Jennifer Morgan

Louisville Real Estate News The Louisville metro region had 74,700 manufacturing jobs in October, 1,800 greater than it had in October 2012, based on probably the most reliable figures available, The Kentucky Office of Employment and Training. Jobs had been gained in two types of manufacturing, durable goods and transportation, with only non-durable goods manufacturing displaying […] Read more »

How to Obtain a Stress Free Mortgage

Is a stress free mortgage even possible for ANY real estate in Louisville? Risky practices from previous, mortgage lenders are now returning to exactly the same requirements that your parents had to meet when they bought their houses. Knowing this, adhering to 3 common sense guidelines can help you obtain a swift approval of your mortgage application […] Read more »

Louisville Real Estate Numbers

Kentucky Home Sales

Real estate numbers in Louisville Whether or not you are purchasing or trying to sell a house, you are going to become confronted and maybe overwhelmed with numbers: rates of interest, days on the market, loan terms, ratios, comps and much more. They are all critical to the transaction, but what do these numbers imply? This column isn’t the place for […] Read more »