Arranging Pictures

Arranging pictures for home staging is extremely important. Picture arranging is always one of those arts that either you’re good at or clueless.  It does take a trained eye to see the basic principles of design and relate it to displaying art. The principles that must be taken in to consideration are: balance, scale and proportion.  Home staging […] Read more »

Home Staging for Men

Home staging from a mans point of view is very different. Men tend to focus on the areas of the home that are most important to them, because they will probably have to do most of the work to change them.  Home staging from a mans perspective is VERY important since most of the time […] Read more »

Home Staging Bedrooms

Home staging bedrooms can be a little tricky. Bedrooms are not be the first room buyers look at when they tour a home (kitchens are), but how much they like the bedrooms, especially the size and feel of the master bedroom, has a major influence on how much they like the house. There can be no weak links […] Read more »