Closing costs

Kentucky home sales and high closing costs After you do your home search, search through the hundreds of options, find the perfect Kentucky home the financial part of home buying has to be considered.  You’ll have to carefully consider your income, monthly debt, and price range to determine exactly what you can afford.  Once you are comfortable with […] Read more »

Home Staging the Garage

Home Staging the Garage Home staging is a great way to sell your house quickly.  But you have to commit.  You cannot stage your kitchens and bathrooms and neglect your backyard or garage. Garages are often neglected because homeowners feel they are not important due to the fact that no one spends time in the […] Read more »

Home Staging a Bathroom

Home Staging a Bathroom Just the basics! Home staging a bathroom is critical if you want to get top dollar for your home.  A staged bathroom is second only to a staged kitchen, and not a very distant second either.  Bathrooms that are cluttered, dirty and have personal items on the counters and in the […] Read more »