Utilities Cost

The Cost of Utilities in Your New Home The cost of heating your new home. You never figured that into your property search, did you?? Most homes are heated with gas today. Other types of heat will most likely cost much more than gas, so it’s important that you absolutely take those expenses into consideration […] Read more »

Housing Projections for 2013

Higher Home Prices

Start Your Property Search Now! Some realtors in Louisville think that my charts and optimistic projection of the housing market on occasion, possibly may be is too optimistic. It seems that Realtors in our area look at me as wearing rose colored glasses.  I am not a “real realtor” according to them. Well, I may […] Read more »

Is Now the Time to Buy Your Dream Home?

Is now the time to buy your dream House? A recent survey showed that 3 out of 4 future home buyers plan to move up to a better housing situation. The breakdown: Move to a considerably larger house (49%)  Move to a nicer house (17.5%)  Move to a nicer part of town (8.6%) In the event […] Read more »

What Realtors in Every State Fear

What Every Realtor Fears The home inspection is among the most tricky components of the selling process that any person looking to sell their home has to undergo. A house inspection is performed before any buyer putting in an offer moves forward with the purchase especially if there is a bank involved.  Realtors in all phases […] Read more »