Home Staging Trends 2013

Home Staging trends for 2013

If you follow the tendencies on interior design, then you might know about these trends already but if home staging is new to you, here is a short aarticle describing what designs and styles home stagers will be using this year.

  • First, color. Bright colors with a focus on yellow. It is pleasant, dominant and can bring color to all types of fabric. Yellow also is like gray, it can have myriad of hues and shades.
  • Patterns are making a powerful comeback this year. What makes patterns so strong is to put them on bright white backgrounds. Ths makes them stand out much more.
  • Florals, vintage patterns and bold prints on white backgrounds bring a fresh look to each piece. Just one floral pattern per room , however.
  • Taking the pattern theme a step further, the goal is not to matchevery thing perfectly; it is about contrasting and combining textures, prints and fabrics. Create a multitude of eclectic items inspired by all different cultures.
  • Neutral earthy tones are desirable, as well as wood, soft oak, beech or birch. Soft textures like suede will probably be popular as well. If you wish to accessorise the earthy tones, do it with leaf elements and forest accessories, providing a rustic feel.
  • Retro patterns including botanical ones inspired by the 50s will be creating a new look once more. Maintaining the botanical theme, add some cushions and update your curtains without having to decorate the entire room. Mirrors that are grouped with each other, are decorative and functional because they add size to a room.
  • Another shiny surface; brass is a must-have piece for this season. You’ll find decorative pieces like candle holders and attractive ornaments that you can snap up at a garage sale and give your home a warm shiny glow. There will be other fashionable easy to find values in metallics for lamps and vases too. Stay tuned to this site for pictures and more home staging articles.

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