Kitchen Remodeling

Selling your house in Oldham County? You have a lot of competition, especially Oldham County homes that are less than ten years old. Do not overlook the small details that give a home in Prospect or a home in Goshen a dated feel.  That feeling will not carry over into a sale because the feeling […] Read more »

Remodeling Your Home Kitchen

More Remodeling and Inexpensive Staging Tips for Your Oldham County Home Stain dated kitchen cabinets rather than replacing them. Dated kitchen cabinets may be a big turnoff to possible buyers of Oldham County Homes.  Remember, your competition is tough.  Rather than paying thousands to replace them, just stain them. First, sand off and varnish or […] Read more »

Three Home Selling Mistakes

Selling a property in today’s market place is unquestionably not a simple undertaking. Having said that, using the suitable timing and preparation, house sellers can quickly attract purchasers and secure a sale within a brief period of time. For those who have been attempting to sell your home for some time now with no luck, […] Read more »

Home Remodeling – Bathrooms

Turning bathrooms from disgusting to awesome. Grimy bathroom walls and bathroom doors really are a significant red flag to purchasers. When you want to home remodeling to sell you Bullitt County Home, sometimes all it takes is a little elbow grease and knowledge. Here is a simple method to eliminate surface mold: Mix a spray […] Read more »

Home Remodeling – Kitchen

You will always find things that have to be considered ahead of time when you are doing any home remodeling. You will find particular rooms inside your Bullitt County home, however, which are going to pose many more issues than others. A perfect example of this is your kitchen.  Even though this can pose a number of […] Read more »

Oldham County Home Improvements

Oldham County Home Improvements It is no secret that the real estate market has been difficult over the last couple of years, and enhancing the worth of a home could make the home sell sooner and most importantly for a higher price. Home improvements could make a big difference in the resale value, however not all […] Read more »

Home Staging

Home Staging Homestaging is about illusions. It is nothow a magician would sell a home. It is about making your Bullitt County home or Oldham County home look the absolute best it can look. Sort of like Glamour Shots for your home. It isbeyond decorating and cleaning. It isabout perfecting the art of creating moods. […] Read more »

Staging a Home – Shabby Chic

Staging a Home What is Shabby Chic and why is it attractive?   Shabby Chic is a styling where a piece of furniture is selected for its aged look or wear and tear look. It is said to have originated in Britain and it’s reminiscent of the kind of furnishings discovered in country homes – from […] Read more »