Short Sales

Short Sales in Bullitt County Many buyers in today’s market are writing offers on Bullitt County homes being offered as short sales. A short sale purchase is the procedure of selling a Bullitt County house owned by a party who owes much more on the mortgage(s) than the house is worth. The lender for that […] Read more »

Real Estate Terms

Short Sales and Foreclosures in Bullitt County With a lot of real estate terms becoming thrown about, occasionally confusion takes over. It is essential to understand what these terms mean, both as a purchaser of a home in Bullitt County and also as a seller of a home in Bullittt County. A house that’s in […] Read more »

First Time Buyer of Real Estate

First Time Home Buyer of Real Estate in Ky A house is a monetary asset and much more: it is a place to live and raise kids; it is a strategy for the future; it is an investment in your community.  All Americans should have a chance to appreciate the advantages of owning a house. […] Read more »

Types of Mortgages

There are many kinds of Bullitt County home mortgages – how do I know which one is best? There are lots of types of mortgages for Bullitt County homes, and the more you know about the subject prior to you beginning, the better. Many people use a fixed-rate mortgage. In a fixed rate mortgage, your […] Read more »

Bulitt County Home Costs

More on Bullitt County Home Costs What will my mortgage payment cover? Answer: Most loans on Bullitt County homes have four parts: principal: the repayment of the quantity you actually borrowed; interest: payment towards the lender for the money you have borrowed; homeowners insurance: a month-to-month fee to insure the home against loss from fire, […] Read more »

Kentucky Home Sales

Bullitt County Home Sales Foot traffic can provide a powerful indication of future house sales. Foot traffic is based around the number of showings. Foot traffic has been strong all through the summer time in the Somerset, KY area as well as all around Kentucky, including Bullitt County. Nevertheless, the improvement between visitors in 2012 […] Read more »

What is PMI?

What does PMI mean? Private mortgage insurance (PMI) protects the lender in the event the borrower defaults on a mortgage. Many first time homebuyers are required to purchase PMI.  Most lenders require annual PMI premiums of one-half to one percent of the amount borrowed if a buyer’s down payment is less than 20% of the […] Read more »