Real Estate Opportunities

Real Estate opportunities in Bullitt County Many experts within the real estate business have been in survival mode for the last couple of years. The challenges in the economy and their impact on the housing business have silenced many experts who did nothing but tout that real estate in Bullitt County would never stop rising. […] Read more »


Foreclosures Economists have attributed historically high U.S. foreclosure rates to several factors. There are more occurrences of variable rate mortgages, less lender due diligence in underwriting new mortgages, more occurrences of "no document" mortgages, and more occurrences of interest-only mortgages that allow buyers to purchase homes they otherwise could not afford. These are the same […] Read more »

Bullitt County Home Inspection

Bullitt County Homes Whenever you buy a Bullitt County home, it's very important to research it prior to making the leap. Many homes in Bullitt County were built prior to 1995 and may contain asbestos,  Asbestos can be found in the insulation, floor, and in many other materials produced to make them heat resistant. An agent […] Read more »


What is Escrow You're a first time home buyer and you have discovered the house of your dreams. You're ecstatic simply because so far, every thing is operating smoothly. You're approved by your lender, you've saved the down payment and the seller is prepared to spend three percent of the closing costs.   You start […] Read more »

New Homes in Kentucky

New Homes in Kentucky Today's mortgage crisis continues to swamp the real estate market with distressed properties providing house hunters a great deal of cheap and foreclosed homes to select from. Nevertheless, regardless of all those tempting deals on previously owned homes, consumers should not overlook the benefits of purchasing a newly constructed one. Even […] Read more »